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The Lingerie Girl – 2013 | Hunt Begins

The Lingerie Girl 2013 is here

Competition “The Lingerie Girl 2013″ was started with an aim in mind, to find the best Lingerie model of year 2013 and we chose our Facebook channel  to run this competition as we wanted to give a complete freedom to people to choose the best girl. We saw a great response to this model hunt.

We at HotPanties.Org are very happy to present to you the winner of social media model hunt and The Lingerie Girl of year 2013 – Brittni Lee.

She is the girl, winner and “The Lingerie Girl 2013″ – Brittni Lee

Brittni Lee - The Lingerie Girl 2013


We congratulate Brittni for this achievement. She was chosen as winner from a total 156 models who submitted their entries, Brittni received 1046, highest number of votes in this competition. We are happy to officially crown Brittni as “The Lingerie Girl of year 2013” We are proud of you Brittni.

This is not it, Brittni will also become the next JuicyAds Babe.

Being a winner of this competition Brittni gets

  • Titled “The Lingerie Girl 2013″
  • Will be cover girl for our Magazine “The Lingerie Girls”
  • Will be brand ambassador for HotPanties.Org
  • She is now next JuicyAds Babe

Here is list of top 15 models and the number of votes they received, these top 15 models will be published in our “The Lingerie Girls 2014 Calendar”

Top Model Votes
1 Brittni Bilozir 1046
2 Amandy Ranger 623
3 Kendria Godair 570
4 Tygeria  Drayton 515
5 Arna Bara Karlsdottir 384
6 Brianne Leary 294
7 Megan Powell 231
8 Sydney Elizabeth 200
9 Aneta Kowal 193
10 Symphony Rose 190
11 Gemma Mullan 161
12 Lily Robbenn 155
13 Terri Oberle 147
13 Rebecca  Richardson 145
14 Sabrina Kendall 129
15 Kerri Billera 124

Here are some snapshots of this model hunt:

  • 203 entries submitted
  • 156 entries approved
  • Total 9,305 votes
  • 106,665 people saw competition page on Facebook and website
  • 12,700 people shared ‘model hunt’ page on Facebook
  • Facebook fan page reached from 300k to One Million+ fans

We are thankful to each and every participant and voter who made this competition a grand success. We will be publishing each and every participant in our Digital Magazine “The Lingerie Girls” to be published in January 2014. Once again congratulate to winner and every participant. We hope together we will make it further big in coming days.